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Practice sessions have ended for the time being.

Flowing Rivers is an Ottawa area practice group committed to presenting and supporting authentic, skilful and socially engaged Buddhist practice, following the Tendai style.

Our practice sessions at the Bronson Center have completed as of Feb 2013.  Future plans are being made.

Over recent years Japanese Tendai has established temples, centers and Sangha outside of Japan.  Tendai Buddhist Institute, in USA, is the ordination platform for priests in America and Europe.  Rev. Innen Parchelo is our local ordained priest. 

Each month we pose a contemplation which is offered to enhance our home practice as well as Sangha practice.  Following our sessions members have the  opportunity for open discussion on the contemplation, to share personal insights and to learn from each other.   Growth in our practice comes from our personal efforts as well as the efforts of the Sangha.  Open discussions are encouraged!

Check out the "Ask the Religious Experts" responses from the Ottawa Citizen for a Buddhist response to a years worth of interesting questions.



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